Keith A. Brown 

Principal Investigator

Associate professor of Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, and Physics

Adedire Adesiji

PhD Student, Mechanical Engineering

Dylan Balter

PhD Student, Mechanical Engineering

Harley Quinn

PhD Student, Materials Science & Engineering

Greg Robben [grobben (at) bu (dot) edu]

MS Student, Mechanical Engineering

Kelsey Snapp [ksnapp (at) bu (dot) edu]

PhD Student, Mechanical Engineering

Kelsey seeks to accelerate the development of advanced mechanical structures and manufacturing techniques by combining automation, machine learning, and additive manufacturing throughout the research, design, and validation process. 

Yihong Xu [yihongxu (at) bu (dot) edu]

PhD Student, Physics



2023 - Verda Saygin, PhD Mechanica Engineering
"Closed-Loop Nanopatterning and Characterization of Polymers with Scanning Probes"
Current Position: Bruker 

2022 - Abigail Rendos, PhD Materials Science and Engineering
"From Interparticle Interactions to Emergent Behavior of Smart Fluids"
Current  Position: Lithography Development Engineering at Intel 

2021 - Aldair Gongora, PhD Mechanical Engineering
"Accelerating Mechanical Design using Autonomous Experimentation"
Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

2020 - Nourin Alsharif, PhD Mechanical Engineering
"Interrogation of Nanostructured Soft Materials & Interfaces from Fundamental to Emergent Properties"
Current Position: IP Technology Specialist at Wolf Greenfield

2020 - Wenhan Cao, PhD Mechanical Engineering
"From Single Particle Polarization to Assembling and Imaging Hierarchical Materials"
Current Position: Assistant Professor at Shanghai Tech University

2018 - Le Li, PhD Mechanical Engineering
"Polymer Thin Films: Nanomechanics and Optomechanical Actuation"


2017 - Sen Wang, MS Materials Science & Engineering
"Patterning Porosity in Hydrogels by Arresting Phase Separation"

2016 - Nikolaos (Nick) Farmakidis, MS Mechanical Engineering
"Towards Closed-Loop Nanopatterning: Quantifying Ink Dynamics in Dip-Pen Nanolithography"
Currently a PhD student at Oxford


2022 - Colton Thomasson, NSF REU from Concordia College [Current]

2022 - Sebastian Diaz, BS Mechanical Engineering [Current]

2022 - Helena Gill, BS Mechanical Engineering [Current]

2022 - Frans Luttmer, BS Mechanical Engineering [Current]

2022 - Emerson Detering, BS Mechanical Engineering [Current]

2022 - Abin George, BS Mechanical Engineering [Current]

2021 - Eva Langenbrunner, BS Mechanical Engineering

2021 - Sarai Aguirre, NSF REU from UC Davis

2021 - Ben Stern, Physics NSF REU from the College of Wooster 

2021 - Waleed Kahm, BS Mechanical Engineering

2021 - Shulan Holmes-Farley, BS Mechanical Engineering 

2020 - Thomas Tenzin, BS Physics

2020 - Stephanie Woodman, BS Mechanical Engineering
Currently a PhD Student at Yale

2019 - Alexis Davis, NSF REU from Norfolk State University

2019 - Lena Sabidussi, BS Mechanical Engineering
Currently a PhD Student at Princeton

2019 - Charlotte Cathcart, BS Mechanical Engineering
Currently a PhD Student at Princeton

2019 - Wyatt Perry, BS Mechanical Engineering

2019 - Chika Okoye, BS Mechanical Engineering

2018 - Gabriel Torres Rivera, NSF REU from University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez
Currently a PhD Student at Purdue

2018 - Lucas Soffer, BS Mechanical Engineering
Currently a MS student at Stanford

2017 - Deanyone Su, NSF REU from Carnegie Mellon University  

2017 - Brain Kim, BS Mechanical Engineering
Currently a PhD Student at CalTech

2017 - Katie Costello, BS Mechanical Engineering

2017 - Alexander Reever Stooss, BS Mechanical Engineering

2017 - Lucas Encarnacao, BS Mechanical Engineering

2017 - John Young, BS Mechanical Engineering

2017 - Carolyn Nguyen, BS Mechanical Engineering

2016 - Joshua Karlowicz, NSF REU from Eastern Arizona College

2016 - Anna Burkatovsky, BS Mechanical Engineering

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